The Radacraft C-850 is without doubt the evolution of a life's work in Ground Effect. A dedication to the premise that a product should not only work but be the best solution to the challenge set that is possible.

The Radacraft C-850 meets that challenge head on with no compromise .

The Radacraft C-850 has not only evolved from the technical development that ensures it is an extremely efficient transport platform for both passengers and cargo, but an extensive process of consultation with potential users of this exciting new craft.

We asked that most obvious of questions , What do you want in a WIG craft? And the answers came as no real surprise, but interestingly other developments had either not bothered to ask, or not bothered to listen . Radacraft listened and the C-850 is the result.


 We want a craft that is as fuel efficient as is claimed of WIG craft!

The Radacraft, using multiple lifting surfaces with varying aspect ratios and interactive positioning is able to achieve extremely high L/D ratios which ensure maximum fuel efficiency.

 We want a craft that makes our passengers feel safe!

The Radacraft rides on a cushion of air that is generated by its forward movement, so even in the worst case, where both engines failed, the Radacraft would slowly just settle down onto the water surface and float like a boat until help arrived. The advanced obstacle avoidance radar gives plenty of warning to the operator, so even in poor conditions a collision is nearly impossible and with the "jump up mode" if the operator cannot go around an obstacle, as a last resort he can always leap frog over the top to avoid it. This third dimension gives the Radacraft a level of safety never before experienced in high speed marine transport.

We want a craft that is easy and cheap to maintain!

The Radacraft was designed using advanced composite to ensure that the airframe was not only light and strong, but also completely maintenance free. The careful choice of mechanical components ensures that replacement parts are both cheap and easily accessible. In keeping with the new era, all components are being assessed for their suitability. As an example of this one of the powerplants under serious consideration for the C-850 is the revolutionary DYNACAM. Manufactured in the USA, it offers a very lightweight, reliable and smooth engine with high power to weight. It is so cleverly designed that is has 40% less moving parts, is much smaller, uses less fuel and produces much more torque than it's counterparts. The DYNACAM's FAA certification is also testimony to it's reliability.(pict) Even the avionics are modular for ease of maintenance, and specially designed for the marine environment.

We want a craft that is competitively priced!

We firmly believe that any WIG craft that is serious about meeting its true place in the market will be priced accordingly. WIG craft on a performance and cost analysis fit squarely between ships and aircraft therefore the price should be able to also reflect that position, of between 30 to 45% of the price of an equivalent capacity aircraft. The Radacraft C-850 meets that challenge admirably with the projected price of about AUD$200,000 and no requirement for any additional infrastructure it falls well below the 30% mark.

We want a craft that is easy to operate!

The Radacraft C-850 is designed with the pilot requirements in mind. We wanted to make it as easy to operate as your family car. The inherent stability of the C-850 means virtual hands off flying, and the VMS (vehicle monitoring system) is added to further reduce operator stress levels. The VMS although designed to help the operator does not replace him, it is logged into the hard control cabling like an Auto pilot and can, on demand, be overridden by the operator unlike a full fly by wire system that is costly, cumbersome and difficult to override.

We want a craft that is flexible!

The Radacraft C-850 in keeping with its simple philosophy has incorporated a radical new undercarriage that has no wheels but still allows it to operate over any level surface with a density equal to or greater than water without bogging down. This means that no beach or mud flat or even coral reef will stop the Radacraft from delivering its cargo. Also in keeping with environmental concerns the pressure footprint of the Radacraft is less than that of a human. The test pilot for the G-35 said that it was so impressive that with a little practice he could probably maneuver around a shopping center car park.

We want a craft that needs no docking facilities!

The Radacraft C-850 needs no docking facilities at all. Although it is able to use existing jetties and port facilities it is configured in such a way that beech operation is no less convenient.

We want a craft that easily coverts from passengers to cargo!

The seating arrangement in the Radacraft is set for easy removal and the same mounts become tie down points for cargo restraint. Then just as easily the seats can be replaced. Also the access doors are wide for more convenient loading.

We want a craft that can be easily transported by road!

We recognized that maintenance facilities are not always close to the ports and that people may change their operational location due to weather or tourist seasons so the Radacraft was designed with easily retractable wings to ensure no hassle transport.


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