GHD's Industrial systems have been developed with the co-operation of companies and authorities involved in the storage, transportation and processing of liquids, gasses and slurries and are of particular value in the industries and fields of Chemicals, Food, Manufacturing, Marine, Mining, Petrochemical, Processing, Pulp and Paper, Sewerage and Water.

GHD supplies a full range of FRP and thermoplastic pipes, fittings and ducting to AS2634. Standard sizes are available of the shelf. Non standard pipes and fittings are made quickly to the size and specification you require. In both cases our expert installation is available as part of the service.

GHD also designs and fabricates high quality FRP and thermoplastic dual laminate tanks and lids in standard sizes, or to your specifications in accordance with AS2634. Our construction methods include contact wound, contact moulded , hand and spray lay up.

Custom mouldings begin with innovative design to meet your individual specifications and solve your precise problems.

From simple shapes to the most complex engineered concepts, our mouldings provide the versatility which other systems cannot deliver.

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